* "Deep Relaxation and Healing Movements" Class

3 Monday Evenings
Oct. 16, 23 & Nov. 6, 2017
Tuition: $60

Register by phone

(703) 938-1377

* Mindful Nature Walk

Sunday October 8, 2017 - 9 am till noon


Dates: Sunday October 8, 2017
Time: 9 am until noon
Location: Little Bennett Regional Park in Clarksburg, Maryland

As the long, lazy days of summer fade into the sounds and colors of autumn, have you felt a slight change in the air? Have you seen the shift in colors from the many hues of summer green to the wide palate of autumnís finery? Have you noticed that the sun is setting a little earlier each evening and lingering a bit longer in the morning before it bursts up above the horizon, offering us a brand new day? The sights and sounds of nature can be a powerful healing experience to counter the everyday stress and distractions that can take us away from the present moment and leave us stuck in the habit of old thoughts and feelings. Mindful walking in nature, with the support of others, helps us to calm our feelings, release our thoughts and return to the miracle of each step.

Please join us on Oct. 8th at Little Bennett Regional Park in Clarksburg, Maryland at 9 am for a walk in mindful silence. We will walk about 3.5 miles, stopping occasionally to sit and immerse ourselves in the beauty of autumn and listen to the sounds of nature. Towards the end of our morning, we will stop to enjoy a light snack and share from our hearts either with mindful conversation, poetry or just a smile. We will be walking along a trail with some elevation change. In some spots it can be narrow, rocky or muddy. We plan to be done at 12:00.

If you would like to join us, please RVSP to Joyce Bailey . We will then send you additional details and contact you if the hike is cancelled due to rain. We need to limit the size of the group to 15 so please let us know soon if you wish to join us.